Protect Pharma Ltd. from Rakitovica near Donji Miholjac is a family-owned company which has been and continues to be successful in both Croatian and foreign markets. Our agricultural activities date back to 1981, and the production and processing of products started in 1989 known with the Fami brand.

As we have been engaged in agriculture – both processing and production – for many years, our knowledge and experience complemented by modern technology make us one of the major food industries in Croatia. When we began our agricultural production, we recognized the potentials of cultures that were not common in our area such as: garlic, chamomile, beans, peanuts and we were also doing the purchase of mushrooms and snails (in the early 1980s).

We cherish a long tradition in production of water, fruit and natural juices, syrups, pasta, spices, sauces, food seasonings, bread and bakery products, cakes, biscuits, additives for confectioneries and bakery, spice mixes etc. But as we always search for more challenges and follow the market demands, we are developing, exploring, creating innovations and more.


In an effort to transfer our unique achievements in healthy food and lifestyle to our customers, we developed a Green Life food, food supplements with health claims product line. Our long-standing tradition and experience in agriculture and food production have been transformed into the highest quality of Green Life product line. Green Life products are grown and produced in a completely natural way, which is affirmed by the certificates for these products (Croatian organic product HR-EKO-07, Austria Bio Garantie, Halal, Vegan, ISO 9001: 2015, HACCP, some are also Gluten-Free).

Our products are the result of many years of research, analysis, development and innovation, and as such, they follow the trends in the functional food industry, and with some products, we could say that we are setting trends. Green Life products are naturally grown and produced without flavour and color enhancers. Our new product line carries the role of functional food because besides having a high nutritional value, it has a beneficial effect on the general health of people.


As a business partner we guarantee the best, certified quality of raw materials and end products. Organically certified processing and drying of vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, cereals, spices and herbs, the development and production of products that have a positive impact on human health are just some of the activities our company performs. All our processing facilities, agricultural areas, as well as sales, accounting and administration are located in a small Slavonian village called Rakitovica. Rakitovica is located north side of the Karašica river, surrounded by vast fields and forests, and on the other, the north side, about 5 km away is the town of Donji Miholjac and the river Drava. The area of fertile Slavonia is ideal for organic agriculture and organic food production.

Our goal is to expand to new markets, and to become a market leader recognized in quality and authenticity.

Securol is one of the first sanitizing brands that emerged as a problem solution for the current situation. We usually produce other products and services, but Securol is a whole new area of our activities. We have all the basics needed to develop such a product in two weeks, and so we did. And we want it to last.



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